Sky Fish Phonics

Sky Fish Phonics is a dazzling learn-to-read game that guides your child through our rock-solid curriculum at their own personal pace.  Your child’s learning will take flight as they help Sky Fish soar across the skies.  With 20 unique levels of physics-puzzle action and dozens of delightful character costumes to unlock, Sky Fish Phonics delivers dynamic learning that kids just love.

Key Features:

  • Powered by our MyPathâ„¢ adaptive learning engine, which responds in real-time as your child learns and deftly guides them through our reading program at their own personal pace
  • Rock-solid reading curriculum designed by educational experts to best prepare your child for success in kindergarten
  • 20 levels of physics-based puzzle gameplay to keep them engaged in learning and build their whole brain
  • 20+ fun costumes to earn to customize their Sky Fish character
  • Aligned with Common Core Standards for kindergarten literacy
  • Extremely effective voice instructions, feedback, and scaffolding

Sky Fish Phonics includes the following progression of crucial reading activities:

  • Letter recognition
  • Letter-sound correspondence
  • Reading consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) word groups
  • Sound Substitution (substituting individual sounds in CVC words to create new words)

Recommended Ages: 4-6