Sky Fish Phonics Background
Personalized just for them.
There’s no kid quite like yours.  That’s why our MyPath™ adaptive learning engine responds in real-time as they learn, deftly guiding them through our reading program at their own personal pace.
That means they’re challenged with new learning content right when they’re ready for it, making it easier for them to learn (and love) to read.

Remarkably rigorous.
Carefully crafted by learning experts for kids 4 to 6, Sky Fish Phonics provides a crucial set of activities that help teach the foundational skills of reading.  Its curriculum is aligned with the Common Core Standards for kindergarten literacy and uses systemic, sequential phonics – the best way for kids to learn to read.

No nagging needed.
Kids should never have to settle when it comes to fun. With twenty levels of physics-puzzle action and dozens of dazzling characters to unlock, Sky Fish Phonics delivers dynamic gameplay that kids just love.
That means learning to read will be their idea.   And you can save the cajoling for bedtime.

Grow their whole brain.
Good gameplay engages kids.  But it can do a whole lot more than that.  We use dynamic gameplay to cultivate overall child development, too.  To solve Sky Fish’s complex game levels, kids must utilize advanced developmental tools – like impulse control, attention, and planning – that make up the critical cognitive skills of executive function.
And that’s no joke – new studies indicate that executive function may be a better predictor of academic success than IQ or entry-level reading or math skills.

Sky Fish Phonics Background